1. Home Inspections

Home Inspections

Most contracts allow for a 7-15 day inspection period. In this time the buyer can have his own inspectors come in to the home and have it checked out for any and all sorts of issues. It’s in your best interest to address any issues the home may have before the inspection period occurs. This is where most deals fall apart.

What would your Fort Lauderdale home inspector say?

Fort Lauderdale Plumbing Repair


Defective plumbing can manifest itself in two different ways: leaking, and clogging. A visual inspection can show if plumbing is leaking but, and an inspector will check water pressure by turning on all faucets in the bathroom and then flushing the toilet. If you hear running water, it indicates that the pipes are not the right size. If rust appears in the water when you turn the faucet on, this is a good indication that the pipes are failing which can result in severe water quality problems.


There are certain manufacturers of electric panel which were used frequently in the Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park and Wilton Manors area in the late 1950’s which are uninsurable, inadequate and require replacement before selling your home. Check with your realtor to make certain that yours is not one of these. If it is, remedy the problem by addressing it before a potential buyer finds out during an inspection.

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Insulating your home in Ft Lauderdale


There is no reason for insufficient insulation. FPL offers a rebate program to help homeowners in the Fort Lauderdale area to bring their home up to the proper R value. Poor insulation is not going to kill a real estate deal, but it certain is an excuse for a buyer to offer you less than asking price. Why give them the opportunity?

Check with FPL at https://www.fpl.com/save/resources/ceiling-insulation.html to find out just how to reduce the cooling and heating costs of your home.


Water leakage through the roof can occur for a variety of reasons. Don’t turn your head when you notice water stains around your ceiling or skylight. This can be the start of a significant leak, which could lead to wood rot. Address it before the home inspector does. You can be sure if you see it, he will too. When you sell your home, your realtor will have you fill out a property disclosure. On the disclosure it will ask you the specific question, “does your roof leak.” If you do not answer this question truthfully you are liable and can be responsible for replacing the entire roof if you fraudulently answered.

Roofing Repairs in Fort Lauderdale
Wood Rot issues on your home in Wilton Manors


Check your home for rotted wood and replace it. Many first time homebuyers are scared off when the list of deficiencies in the home grows. Issues that may not frighten someone who has owned a home for years and years just might be the straw that breaks the camels back to the first time buyer. Wood rot can occur in door or window frames, trim, siding, decks and fences. Be prepared, the inspector will sometimes probe the wood to see if rot is present – especially when wood has been freshly painted.


Expect it. Very few homes in the Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors and Oakland Park area get away with being termite free. If you don’t have a termite or WDO (wood destroying organism) inspection prior to putting your house on the market understand that there is more than a 70% chance your home either has or has had evidence of an infestation. Almost always, a bank will require a WDO inspection. Either deal with it before listing your home, or anticipate having to deal with it before you close.

Fort Lauderdale Termite Damage
Florida Real Estate Permits


If you have any permits that are presently open, go to the city and have them closed out. The inspector will identify this and the Title Company will require they are closed before issuing a clear to close. Don’t wait for it to surface, deal with it before hand to insure a smooth closing.


A Fort Lauderdale home inspector will certainly investigate the underlying footing and foundation of your home for structural integrity. One of the worst thing you can have is the inspector inform your buyer that there’s a crack running right down the center of the foundation. Address the issue before it surfaces.

Driveway crack in Ft Lauderdale
After a rain in Ft Lauderdale


Know if you are in a flood zone and if flood insurance is necessary. So many of our homes in South Florida are in flood zones. This is not uncommon nor is it something that will keep a buyer from making the purchase. Education is paramount and if you can arm your buyer with as much education about your home, the more he will trust you, and make your transaction move to a smooth closing.


A fresh coat of paint is always welcomed to brighten up an entire room but when it’s done to cover up a problem you can be sure it will work to your disadvantage. Buyers are smarter than you think. If you thing you’ll just paint over the problem and “they will never see it” your wrong. A fresh coat of paint is always wonderful way to brighten the house and make it appealing. However if you only paint one wall and the rest of the house is dirty and dingy, you may have just as well wrote across the wall in big letters “I’m painting this wall to cover up the issues behind it.” Address the problem, don’t hide it.

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The last thing you want is any unpleasant surprises that could cost you the sale of your home. By addressing these issues ahead of time, you’ll be arming yourself against future disappointment.